Alzara from the dead sea! - 3 piece set (Black Mud Soap, Foot Cream, Magic Mud Cream) from 60€ now 36€


Black Mud Soap
A rich-lathering bar enriched with Dead Sea black mud, fruit oil, almond oil and vitamin E. Regular use help restore your skin natural pH balance and helps protect it. It relieves irritation and itching while moisturizing your skin. Ideal for face and body use.

Foot Cream
Enriched with Dead Sea minerals and other natural extracts, ALZARA Foot Cream softens, cools and rejuvenates tired aching feet. Helps to heal and moisturize cracked dry skin.

Magic Mud Cream
A new skin treatment that has a modern texture and contains oxidants that will leave your skin healthier looking and younger than ever. Regular use will purify your skin, nourish the epidermis and revive skin cells. It minimizes skin pores, removes excess fatty secretions and delays the onset of wrinkles. The Dead Sea minerals remain active on your face for up to 8 hours after removing the Black Mud layer by gliding a tissue wrapped in the magnet over the face and neck area.

- Αν έχετε επιλέξει Αποστολή στο χώρο σας θα γίνει την επόμενη εργάσιμη ημέρα (εκτός αν αναγράφετε κάτι διαφορετικό στην ενότητα λεπτομέρειες) μετά την αγορά σας με ACS Courier

- Η αποστολή παραγγελίας σε δυσπρόσιτη περιοχή θα γίνεται στο κοντινότερο ACS Courier κατάστημα.

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