Performance in your hands!

Compact Power™ Cyclonic produces a highly efficient and hassle-free cleaning experience with outstanding results. This compact bagless vacuum cleaner puts powerful performance at your fingertips in cleaning performance on hard floors, dust re-emission and energy efficiency.

Combining efficient results and optimal design into one compact, easy-to-use cleaning tool, Compact Power™ Cyclonic delivers exceptional vacuuming performance at the top of its class. A new powerful high-efficiency suction head removes ground-in dirt and tackles large spills with best-in-class performance on hard floors. Advanced monocyclonic technology provides dual-level filtration to capture 99.98% of vacuumed dust*. Performance is matched by outstanding convenience and ease-of-use: a compact format for easy storage, enhanced ergonomic design, and the Clean Express system for effortless cleaning and maintenance. From now on, performance is in your hands!

Keep your house free of dust with the Tefal TW3731HA Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner. It is light in weight and compact so that you can store it with ease. This vacuum cleaner packs in many advanced features and comes equipped with a powerful EffiTech Motor System for exceptional energy efficiency and effective cleaning. Moreover, it is incredibly easy to clean and comes with a large 1.5L tank for your convenience. This vacuum cleaner offers two layers of filters for effective cleaning and has a grade A dust re-emission rating that makes sure the air coming out of the vacuum cleaner is clean.

  • Compact Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner
  • 3A Performance
  • Dust Re-Emission
  • EffiTech Motor System

Tefal Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner

Performance you Can Count On
This Tefal Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner offers the perfect combination of stylish design and functionality and is perfect for everyday use. It is equipped with a high-performance EffiTech Motor System with a high-efficiency suction head that puts 3A performance at your fingertips, ensuring you of highly efficient and hassle-free cleaning experience with outstanding results. Furthermore, it has grade A dust re-emission rating, which assures you of clean exhaust air.

Tefal Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner

For Perfect Cleaning
This Tefal Vacuum Cleaner comes with two layers of filtration that does the perfect job of capturing the smallest of dust particles emitted by the motor, for thorough cleaning throughout the house. Furthermore, this vacuum cleaner features an advanced mono-cyclonic system that makes sure the filters are not clogged, making sure the cleaning performance is maintained.

Tefal Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner

For your Convenience
This Tefal Compact Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner is engineered with precision and is incredibly simple to use. It comes with an integrated brush with 8.8m radius and an easy to clean dust container, helping you get through your cleaning tasks in quick time. Moreover, it has a compact and lightweight, which facilitates easy placement in your store-room or even in the cupboard. This vacuum cleaner has a massive dust storage capacity of 1.5L, saving you from the hassle of cleaning it now and then.

Τρόποι & Κόστος Αποστολής 

✦ Τα προϊόντα αποστέλλονται εντός 1-2 εργάσιμών ημέρων εκτός αν αναγράφεται διαφορετικός χρόνος παράδοσης στην ενότητα λεπτομέρειες ή κάτω από το τίτλο του προϊόντος.

-Το κόστος για παράδοση σε κατάστημα Acs είναι € 2,00
-Το κόστος για παράδοση στον χώρος σας είναι € 3,50

✦ Για παραγγελίες με παράδοση στον χώρο σας ενδέχεται να υπάρχουν επιπρόσθετες χρεώσεις για δυσπρόσιτες περιοχές ή θα γίνεται παράδοση στο πλησιέστερο ACS Courier κατάστημα
Δείτε τις δυσπρόσιτες περιοχές εδώ

✦ Τα προϊόντα, παρά τις προσεγμένες παραγγελίες, ενδέχεται να εξαντληθούν από την πρώτη μέρα. Όλες οι τιμές χωρίς το ντεκόρ. Καμία ευθύνη για τυπογραφικά λάθη ή παραλείψεις.

Skroutz® Κύπρου

Στο Skroutz® Κύπρου θα τα βρείτε όλα... 'Εχουμε επιλέξει για εσάς τα καλύτερα προιόντα στις σε εξαιρετικά χαμηλές τιμές όπου μπορείτε να απολαμβάνετε στην πόρτα σας άμεσα και υπέυθυνα με την αξιοπιστία της ACS COURIER.

Το ανθρώπινο δυναμικό τoυ Skroutz Κύπρου, αποτελείται από άκρως ενημερωμένα και καταρτισμένα άτομα, ικανά να λύσουν κάθε απορία σας. Εδώ στην ιστοσελίδα του Skroutz Κύπρου θα βρείτε μία ευρεία γκάμα προϊόντων σε εντυπωσιακές τιμές!

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